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Key Personnel
Here at Glory Bee Company, we have been truly blessed by the family of Maurilio Sr. and Celedonia Carrillo.  They came to California around 1968 with several children, and had three more children born after they settled in Wasco.  Our success as a company has been enhanced by them and their children.  Today, Benjamin and Maurilio Jr. are my co-managers, keeping Glory Bee running smoothly day-to-day.  Jaime, brother-in-law Luis Enriquez, and friend Miguel, get the work done!  Maurilio Sr. has helped us seasonally for many years.  Their sister, Sonia Garcia, started working for us this year.  Brother, Guadalupe, recently moved on to another beekeeping company after spending 13 years with us (Thanks, Guadalupe!).  Their dear and youngest brother, Armando, perished in an accident while working for us in 2005.  My friend Sylvis Riddle, father of my six adopted grandchildren, fills out our regular work force, adding a light touch of humor to everything.  Nothing would run smoothly for us here except for the tender labors of my wife, Susan, who faithfully administers the business operations from our home.  Her office is literally the hub of the Mulligan household, and it has been for years (Thanks, Doll!).    
17647 Wasco Avenue
Shafter, CA 93263
Phone: 661.203.3271
Fax: 661.746.3902
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